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"Make a Memory"  here at Monroe's Orchard!


Strawberry Season 

Our season in 2016 was June 4th-June 29th.  We open each morning at 8:00 during Strawberry Season.  Dont' hesitate to call, 330.569.7464 for the status of the crop each day, or check out "Monroe's Orchard" on Facebook.   Our Strawberries were wonderful last year, and so were our Strawberry pickers!  I keep you posted on FB and on the home page of this website.  

Please remember the picking begins with bigger berries, but not as plentiful. Then more berries are ripe as you go through the patch the second picking and so on.  We recommend you call if you'd like to pick after noon. Feel free to call us anytime and ask how the picking is for the day or how late we'll be open.  

Thank you for your patronage, you are truly appreciated.

These sunny warm days are truly appreciated.  So are you!

We are grateful for you, and we'll see you soon.

To the right is Gracie. Thank you to her Mom for sending this picture to us! A picture is worth a thousand words...this one is worth a million! What a beauty, best advertisement we could have!

I must say it is a joy to see our "little strawberry pickers" each year, as they grow up. Some of our "little strawberry pickers" aren't so little any more.

We always appreciate your pictures!

God bless you all.

Thank you to Brian for sending us this picture of his daughter in our patch!  Our "Strawberry Princess", Laura, was having a great time picking berries. 

This picture was taken in June 2008.  Laura and family come picking strawberries each June.  Laura is more grown up every year, and still beautiful.  Quite the princess indeed.  Thank you again, Laura and family!

It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood!

RIGHT: This wonderful group of strawberry pickers are Nolan, Amelia, Bailey, Riley, and Marin.

I'd love some pictures of our wonderful customers picking strawberries or enjoying a peach!

One of our strawberries fields are being irrigated to the right.  Strawberry season is a wonderful time for families to get together, and enjoy the beginning of summer.  Our hours for strawberry season are different from all other seasons here.  We hope to be open 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Please remember that we open at 8:00 only in Strawberry season.  All other seasons we open at a later time.  Thanks!

Please always call before you travel out after noon.  Since we pick by rows we possibly could be picked out for the day, especially in the beginning of the season. We have amazing Strawberry pickers!


Quite frosty in the Spring sometimes!

To the left you can see the irrigation sprinkling over the strawberries through the apple orchard.  The temperatures can get a bit low for these tender flowers, but we have been fortunate, as the temps in the trees haven't been low enough to cause great damage.

The ground got to 28 degrees 4/11/12, so the irrigation was running to protect the strawberry crop.  To the right...On the morning of the 12th, you can see a rainbow in the bottom strawberry patch as the irrigation is still protecting the crop, and will run until the ice melts.

Always stay in touch, as each year Strawberry season begins when the weather has ripened the fruit.   We look forward to seeing you. Please remember to join our Email list, and we'll notify you when the seasons begin.  You are appreciated.

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